About Us

MyOpenJobs, LLC (A division of Alpha Open Jobs, LLC.) is a technology and services firm that develops and manages career sites and web-based recruiting management software. Since 2000, we’ve continued to develop and refine our proprietary software to help streamline the recruiting process for thousands of large and small companies.

Our flagship site, hvacagent.com, was launched in January of 2002, followed by plumbingagent.com, electricalagent.com, bgcagent.com, logsticalagent.com,and facilityagent.com, which are the leading employment sites for the HVAC, plumbing, electrical,building and general contractor,logistics & dispatching professions and facilities & maintenance.

Utilizing our proprietary matching engine, we’ve saved thousands of employers countless man-hours by successfully eliminating nearly 60% of the applicants who did not meet the minimum job requirements provided by our member companies. Since January of 2002, we’ve evaluated over 9,290,000 job matches and have submitted over 4,100,000 of those potential applicants to our employers.

When trying to find and hire the best people, exposure is the name of the game…and our family of career sites consistently delivers with unique monthly visitors that ranks us in the Top 1/10th of 1% of all websites that exist today. Check out our traffic stats.

More Exposure = More Qualified Applicants for our employers.